Cross Tires


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The deal with PDX is the more you lean them into a corner the more they grip. Between the center block of "Y" treads and the block of "Y" treads on the shoulder there aint' much (see below). Get the bike leaned over more. You need to drive them hard otherwise they will squirm on you. Also, the knobs are tall and thin so they can feel a bit squirmy on hardpack or pavement.

I see that most of these recommendations are 2-3 years old. Any updated recommendations for an all around cross tire for clinchers?

I just picked up a used cross bike and am looking forward to my first races this season. I'd like to get in plenty of practice time in advance, so I want to dial in my system now. My first practive session consisted of falling in a mess of mud, pushing myself hard enough to almost puke, and then immediately complaining about my gear, the conditions, and drinking beer. Am I doing it right?