caution today!


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if you're out on the roads today, be REALLY careful.

here in NW morris county, there is A LOT of ice on the roads. the main roads are for the most part fine but the secondary roads...the ones that we like to ride...are a mess. downed limbs, tons of standing water, black ice, etc. i was gonna go out for a decent ride but called it quits after about ten miles. it's just not safe today. enjoy the couch or head to the gym.
Enjoying the couch has quickly turned into a trip to swap out the cable box! Of course all our recorded shows, which I was about to watch, will now be lost, as well!
Good to hear you got home safe Jake. Those skinny tires do not offer too much confidence on icy roads.

Roads up at Harriman dried out in the afternoon for safe riding. I noticed hikers with crampons and poles exiting the iced over hiking trails. So it looks like us bikers aren't the only crazy ones venturing out today. ;)
Greetings from the tropics

Down here in Monmouth County, the roads were pretty much dry when I rolled out at just past 8AM.

3.5 fixed-gear hours later, I met my lovely wife for lunch in Red Bank.

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