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Does anyone know if carfax reports the date of sale on title as a new owner date or the day you bring it to DMV to re title it?

Ex. Tile says date of sale 3/17/23 but it gets titled 4/17/23. Will car fax say 3/17 or 4/17?

Don't know and I wouldn't trust it to be consistent with each entry, either.

My guess would be the entry reflects the day the new title was issued, as that's the trigger and report to Carfax. No where on a new title does it show the sold date. That's only manually recorded by the seller/buyer.


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there is a guy in walton ny who specializes in mini truck imports .. usually he has some mini vans on his lot and some other interesting things

i was considering getting one of the dump trucks

Also a place in Philly that does the delica?
Izusu I think
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