Cannondale Recalls Scalpel Mountain Bikes

Just saw this in Dirt Rag...

It is a few weeks old...'Just a heads up if any of you MTBNJers just bought a new Scalpel...

I was somewhere where someone asked a Cannondale rep about this, I believe I heard most recalls were dealer demos mostly sent to Europe, and almost all had been accounted for already.

Again, this is my potato filled ears listening in on a conversation I had nothing to do with, so maybe someone can shed a bit more light. Or the actual correct light for that matter.

See, I was right.
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its a little disturbing that they've had to consolidate all the cdale recalls into one grouping on the cdale forum on MTBR. lefties, carbon cranksets and now the 08 scalpel. good thing their warranty is golden, but still they should have had this ironed out.

and there's returns on the scott ransom carbon frames too on MTBR. man i just have inherent worries about carbon bikes near rocks.
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