Bike Shop in Hoboken - Washington Ave



Hoboken, in rush hour, is a pain for parking. I found a spot about 3/4 of a mile from the shop and began walking over to it, in the rain, a little bit chilly but keen to get a few tubes and possibly tyres. Got there at between 10-to and 5-to 6pm just to find the place closed! The door said closed at 6pm! BASTARDS!

They did have a nice Stumpy S-works in the window though. But I'm still out of my tubes and tyres - DOUBLE BASTARDS!!
two buddies of mine in boken told me that shop is the pits. one said its a general funky bad-itude, the other one complained about specific bad service, which was a couple of years ago, so i don't remember the details. ymmv, especially if all you're after is tubes. no later hours in the week? not too smart imo.
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