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Hey all,

I am new to the mountain biking world and i gotta say, so far it is pretty enjoyable, more so than i thought it would be.

mostly i am looking to know the best maintanence for a bike after a ride. what to look for, what to use to clean it off, what signs to look for during the next ride that may indicate something is wrong.

any and all information is greatly appreciated

Thanks, see you on the trails
Drive train

If you don't have time to clean the whole bike, be sure to keep your drive train clean. That is the chain and gears. Dirty, girty drive train wear out faster. If your running v brakes, keep the rims and brake pads clean. The suspension would be next. That what I think is most important. Of course the cleaner the bike the faster it goes. When cleaning the frame inspect it for cracks. Those tend to show up around the welds.
There are some bike maintenance books that I haven't read but are well-received -- a couple are only $20 so it might be worth checking out. Park Tools makes one.

I've gotten much more knowledgeable by asking lots of questions at shops. Every time I go to a shop I chat with the dudes, and at some point we're talking about how to make my bike better.
first off welcome aboard and to the sport??.
fwiw: I keep a small scrub brush with me and after I ride I throw the bike on the rack and give the drive train a quick going over to get rid of the loose grit off the chain and cassette/derailers.
there are also some very good lube that you can get..
bike maint.

I'm no expert here, but for my money use only water, a small brush and a toothbrush (not yur own) for those hard to get to areas. Don't use any soap or degreasers because it removes grease and lube from the areas that need them most (sealed bearings and such). I only a light coat of lube on my chain and don't use any on the chainrings and cogs because I feel it attracts dirt and grime and causes wear, what's on yur chain should do the trick. Cables are cheap so I tend to replace them once a year to keep her shiftin' easy, and regularly inspecting the frame for wear and cracks is a very good idea. If you've got dual suspension make sure the pivot points aren,t wearing, loosening and stay lubed.
As far as noises when riding, every bike makes certain "normal" noises when yur riding, know what's normal for yur bike and be alert for the abnormal ones as that'll give you a heds up that something may be goin' wrong. Also, smooth shifting will prolong the life of yur drivetrain immensely, shift early, before you're putting a lot of pressure on the pedals, or let up on pedaling until the shift is complete. Doing that, I really only replace my drivetrain parts about every five years, and I'm a big guy (225 lbs). A lot of guys are replacing drivetrain parts farrrrrrr more often and I rarely have shifting issues due to wear.
Anyway, that's all I got, and I've been running the same bike for over 11 years now, so I guess that says something seeing as I'm my own wrench. One more thing, if u buy high end, it will always be high end. If u buy cheap or mediocre, it's more prone to being crappy or wearing out quickly or just plain breaking on u. Good luck and have fun riding.
PS- I'm sure you'll get plenty of varying advice on this topic, so soak it all in, then do what works best for u.
I wash my bike probably more than anyone alive I think. I like having a shiny clean bike:D Go to a shop and get a Pedro's bike wash kit...Like this one...


Don't use the Ice Wax chain lube though, sell it to one of your friends you don't

what lube do you suggest sir?

Are you stalking me? That's it, I'm calling the cops, oh crap, wait a minute...:D


PS-I like a light oil, something in the realm of T-9 or Prolink, wax just makes a stinky poopy mess of your drivetrain. And for the cross bike I use Pam:D
two hours!

I do admire a clean drivetrain. Very grr!

See.. That's your problem. You have to read the label. NEVER apply a lube before departing for a ride. It will be wet and attract particles.

Come home from a ride. Run the chain through a rag to remove anything you can. THEN apply the lube. It will be dry by the next ride!

We need one of those Emoticons for slapping you in the side of the head.

For the record. The waxy lubes work but over time they gunk up and are a pain in the ass to remove. Use the thinner kinds but be sure to let them dry.

BTW, Just to make sure everyone understands...WD-40 is the anti-lube!!!!! :mad3:
I cant help im a newb! Goodness what would I do w/o you. I really have been conscious of how generously I have been applying my lube bc my drivetrain gunks up quickly. Now I know the secret.
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