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Hi Ladies,

With winter well under way and spring less than a month away, this may be a good time to give your bikes some extra love. Although most bikes are not ridden as often in winter, wet trails, wet roads as well as road salt increase corrosion, and they tend to not get washed and lubed as often because of the freezing temps. Even if it is just a sponge bath, try to get that road salt off quickly, and try to remember to lube the chain.

Also, bike shops are often less busy now, than in spring, so you may want to beat the rush, and get your bike clean and in for a check soon, so your bike will be ready to ride in spring.

If you have been running the same chain all year, it may be time for a new one. You can check it with a check tool, or ask your shop to. Some other common routine checks: brake pad wear, shock seals, tight headsets, worn tires, seat posts not moved in awhile.

Hopefully some of the experts like Jdog and Jim can advise on some of this too.

Looking forward to some all girl rides soon!



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Road salt is incredibly corrosive. Get it off as soon as you can. Jdog was working on my bike and notices my front dics brake caliper was sticking a bit. Upon closer inspection you could see how the road salt ate away around my piston and sucked up the lube. This was from having the bike on my roof rack. A wipe down is usually all you need.


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I gave my road bike a little love over the weekend. New rear shifter cable and chain. Completely degunked all grease from the drive-train.

All shiny now. :)

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I tend to save all the cassette/ring/chain/cable replacements until after all this junk is off the road.

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Another little very easy-to-do prep for snow, rain, ice, and general bad ickyness...Wipe your frame and fork down with some lemon Pledge...It makes a nice non-stick surface so stuff has a harder time eating your frame away...I learned that from a million commuter and cyclocross miles:D


Excellent post Pixy!
I'm not too good with working on bikes as some are ... so this is why I found a boyfriend who is a bike mechanic :D

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