Beginner Ride Anyone?


alright I don't get it, you have to met me here, go for a ride and then tell me its not worth riding.

there are at least three cool loops, and they connect. I connected three yesterday and had over an hour of saddle time. and its FUN! the first part was the yellow and green trail, that has alot of short climbs and is mostly singletrack. then the penns mills trail, or white trail, single track, and those bridges. then the other part of pens, which is single and double and is pretty fast and flat.

the colder the better cause it does get soggy but it is south jersey!!
no bugs yesterday, talked to s couple hikers amd they had no bug issues....
so who wants to met there, maybe this weekend??


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I have been going there for close to 15 years. I know every inch of the park, forwad and back...I have ridden there, and I do not think it is worth it. For the extra 20 min drive ALLAIRE!


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No offense intended. Really.
I love Wells Mills. In the winter I run there several times a week.It is one of my favorite places. I just don't like to ride there.

I am happy that someone else enjoys the place. I would just prefer to ride someplace else. I am sure I will eventually see you out there...I will be the runner girl:)
was there yesterday. Did some green white yellow trails...Great time... Green is actually very technical. Drains very well. People who say it doesn't are obviously not true Piney's and have not ridden in other areas in the pines...hahaha. I love white and yellow though. Had a great time. So many trails. .Can spend a lot of time out there Good time. Recommend to all beginner/intermediates. Advanced can have some fun too. Love this place and rangers said colors are a guide for less experienced mtb'ers because they don't want people biting off more than they can chew. you can ride any trail.

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We were out there about a week ago too. Was a few soft spots but not bad at all. With this weeks cold temps, should be great again.
My son and I are beginners as well but have really been enjoying jamming through the green and white trails there.
We live only a few miles away.
Funny you post here. Im pretty sure I was looking at your pictures from FRM on another trail site. I'm sure Wells mills is a mess right now
Yes. as you can tell by my "somewhat" delayed response. I don't post often. Although I may start now. But to reply to your post... you would have to be more specific. I frequent many outdoor sights. I am an avid advocate of hiking, biking, running, any outdoors activities. So I support any sites that have anything to do with getting out there and enjoying the natural beauty of this great big world. Although I don't post much, this site and one other happen to be my favorites. Probably not the one you are thinking of. I like to share the awesome views in the pines with everyone. a lot of my pics are on this site as well. Let me know if you like them and I will go out there and take even more and post them too. Here's a little bonus shot from Apple Pie Hill from a recent trip with my daughter. (her first time there and she loved it):) IMG_1704.JPG

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