Beginner Ride Anyone?


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i live in waretown and would like to do a run there since i never have, but how is it for single speeds like i run?
I thought this place would be great for single speed bikes. I barely ever shifted all day. Also, I could see how riding rigid would give you some more speed. I locked out my fork while riding there the other day.
word! ill let you know about the weekend or hit me up if you wana ride before that ill probably be out there everyday this week at around 4

Sounds good, thats if you guys don't mind riding with the "new guy". I'm going to try and make it out there this weekend but it doesn't look promising. Definitely the following weekend tho. I'll let you know.


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I rode at this park about a year or so ago. It seemed really small. How many miles can you put in there? It seemed like a lot of trails weren't mountain bike friendly, but perhaps I missed something....
It does seem small. I wanted to try it out but after looking at the map I decided to ride Wharton again even though Wells mills is closer.


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I have been trail running here for years, it is NOT good for riding. Don't waste your time, do Allaire, Clayton or Wharton instead. Unless you want to run, then call me.:D