Beginner Bike?


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Our Big "XL" bike sale started today, if you were still looking for a big bike...Salsa Rangefinder already sold today... Still have the following XL bikes 20-35% off this weekend...

Hardtails - Liv Tempt 29 1 Large (wanted to have something ladies specific, so we throw this large into the mix)...Talon 29 2 Red Clay, Trek Roscoe 6 green large (Large + plus tires have been deemed appropriately included)...

Dual Suspension ... Cannondale Habit Waves 29 Silver....Giant Stance 27.5 Black....Giant Trance X1 27.5 Black....

Cannondale Junction helmets also on sale...Limit to store stock, while supply lasts, yadda yadda.... Start the Black Friday savings early....

Open 10-6 Friday, 10-5 Saturday and Sunday...
FWIW, I absolutely LOVE my Habit. Can't say enough good things about it. But maybe a bit more bike than you're looking for as a beginner.


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Hardtails are mountain bikes with front suspension but no rear suspension. They are affordable, lightweight, and efficient for pedaling. Ideal for smoother trails and cross-country riding, they are not designed for extreme jumps or downhill riding. Full suspension mountain bikes have both front and rear suspension, offering better comfort and traction on rough terrain. They are more expensive and heavier than hardtails but excel in handling challenging trails. Based on your preferences, a hardtail mountain bike like the Trek Roscoe 7 or Cannondale XL 29'r could be a suitable choice. Ensure the bike fits your height and weight by trying it out or checking its specifications.


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Good morning everyone!

I am looking to get into MB life ( 52 yrs old, 250 lbs, 6'2 from Cranford)...with so many options tough to decide on bike. Hard Tail? Full Suspension?
Not looking to do jumps or anything extreme. Maybe meet some new people that enjoy nature and exercise.

I have been looking on FB market place:

Hardtails: Trek Roscoe 7 XL frame $1,000Cannondale XL 29'r XL frame $800

Full Suspension: Specialized Status $160 S 5 $2200

Any advice would be appreciated!

Lots of people have it covered, but the Status is a deal but outside of mountain creek there's no park in NJ I would want to ride that bike with it's geometry.
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