anyone up for allaire wednesday afternoon??

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I am thinking of about 530PM wednesday afternoon. after work, anyone wanna join me??

beginner pace

What is a "beginner pace"? I have ridden for 15 years, however due to 9 months off the bike, and a 5 rounds of Chemo (among other things) I'm much slower than I used to be. (Not when going downhill:D ).

Looking for a tour guide for Allaire or someone to explain how to get a map off of onto my GPS, so I can ride alone, without getting lost.



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Some rain would do Allaire some good in spots. It was almost dusty over the weekend.

At for knowing the trails.. I have been there 25+ times in the last few years.

I still get lost every time.

A gps would take the fun out of it.

Very good to hear that you are back up and riding Gary.

Perhaps you might end up with the Lance effect where you end up stronger.

Have fun out there guys.



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Pat, i bet i you think real hard you will remember riding in the rain is no big deal and at times even fun. Dont let that deter you, its just another excuse. Go ride get muddy(if need be) and have fun.

you are probably right...... the only 2 things that are positively refreshed are the fun and the pain.

everything else is a bit hazy still

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Not going to make it today. Have husband duties that I was reminded about this morning. I 'm going to try to ride earlier in the day.

No Lance effect here so far. I know he wasn't on drugs,;) but whatever he wasn't on, I wan't some also.:D If you read his book, the story of him being passed by a little old lady on a 3 speed bike, that is totally relatable to me.

I feel very guilty riding around on such expensive bikes, going so slow.:drooling:


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Got dust?

Some rain would do Allaire some good in spots. It was almost dusty over the weekend.
Rode Allaire yesterday. It is very dusty, I assume from the rain washing silt out of the heavier soil.

There is silt the consistency of talc on the river trail. I can only imagine the water raging through there during the storm.

A shower or two would firm the place up nicely.

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Now here is a story that I would like to see turned into a blog on this site. Inspirational and about a guy who is well liked.

It would really be interesting to here about first getting on the bike and your progress. The physical and mental pain. That is if you feel like sharing. It definitely could get some people on the bike that may not have the gumption on any given day.

Glad things are heading in a good direction.

Maybe at some time in the future.

I can tell you that I started riding my indoor trainer at the end of January (2 weeks after getting out of the hospital). I couldn't do 20 minutes at 7mph. That's barely spinning with a compact crank & 25t rear. Now 3 months later I still feel slow as s**t. On my most recent road ride I was able to average 14.6 for 22 miles. Seems impressive, but it is just so slow compared to how I used to ride.

My most recent MTB ride was Chimney Rock on my SS 29'er (hey knowbody said I was smart) I was able to average 7mph while moving. But I had to stop on alot of the climbs.

The problem is keeping my heart rate under control. I haven't figured out how to do that yet, so I have to stop and let it recover. On the road I can slow down, in the woods that is harder to do while riding a rigid SS. The Dr's aren't sure how that will go in the future. I had chest tubes in my lungs & a biopsy on my lungs back in December. Both left scar tissue, so my lung capacity is not what it used to be and they don't know if it ever will be. Without the lungs pushing enough air, my heart is working alot harder trying to pump blood to my weak legs. I'm also popping about 20 pills a day which affects my resting heart rate bringing it to 105bpm.

When I was lying in the hospital, all I could think of was getting out, playing with my son, riding my bikes, and skiing again.

Riding now is alot like racing was for me in the past. Its fun before, its fun going downhill, its fun in memory, but its pretty painful while your actually doing it. But I am not going to stop any time soon.:D


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put in about an hour and 20 minutes with walter today, good ride, learning the trails, learning how to ride again, learning to bear with the leg pain...

all good stuff
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