Any Brielle Cyclery experiences??


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I purchased my road bike from Brielle and we've bought other things there as well. I've always had a good experience with them. Keith does all the maintainance on our bikes, so I don't know anything about their service.



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Good or Bad?

It is a good and well stocked store. The manager did shop rides at Allaire all winter. I don't recall his name. Kathy is the owner of the store and you will often find her son, Digger, behind the register.

The store caters mostly to the roadie and tri crowd along the coast. Lost of bling bikes and accessories in the store. I used to go there and gawk when I was a pup in the '80s.


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I bought my cannondale there they did some work on my other bikes and I got a warm fuzzy feeling from them,they do have a boatload of road stuff when I got my bike I spent alot of time going to different shops and riding all the biles in my price range the cannondale just fit better.
you might want to check brick bikes they sell Giant and beachwood bikes has Specalized got my shoes there..


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Thanks all! They have a great reputation in the area, just wanted some board members opinions...seems all good.


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I go there once a week to chew the fat with the guys and gals in the back. I have nothing but nice things to say about them.


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When I lived down the shore, I bought my first single speed from them. It was a Cannondale 1FG and it was sitting there for quite awhile. It was the dead of winter and I asked to take it for a ride and when I got back, they threw a price at me that I couldnt refuse. Kathy is an extremely nice and helpful woman, and the mechanic, although I dont remember his name, knows his stuff. It was the older fella with the tattoos.
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