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Hello all, my name's Tim. I happened upon this site after the purchase of a new bike. I realized that I'm about to hit 40, & I'm carrying an extra 30 or so pounds. I enjoy bicycling off road (actually doing anything in the woods i.e. Jeepin', geocaching, etc.) I won't be racing or riding everyday of the week, But I plan on buiding my endurance, shedding some lb's & having some fun. Living in Turnersville (SJ) I realize I'm in a pretty decent spot here with Camden & Gloucester County College Trails & the Ceres Park (Mantua) trails within 5 miles of my house. I look forward to learning alot as I read the forums & contibuting when & how I can. Thanks!

Welcome aboard, I too need to shed some lbs and built some stamina, pushing 46 years old I can relate.
Nice to meet you

Nice to have another south jersey biker here. I'm in Toms River. Do get in touch with Jersey Action Riders (JAR). They do a lot of rides for every day of the week . Hope to see you out there. NJ Jess
Welcome to the site and good luck getting rid of those extra 30 lbs. ;)
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