Allamuchy/Ringwood conditions?


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Hey I want to get a spin in today after work and want to know what they are like? Is there any snow pack left? Today and tomorrow are going to be cool so I wanna get a ride or two in before they temps get warm and they all turn to slop. What do you think?
Minimal pack here by me and not frozen yet,still mucky. After the deep freeze the wknd should be fine in the am............
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Have to echo what Brett said. Did a hike with the dog, things were clear but somewhat soft and running water. If it gets cold things will be great!!!
waywayanda will be frozen and fun i would imagine tonight and tomorrow night at least. still a bunch of snow on the ground up that way.
Allamuchy today

I rode allamuchy off waterloo this afternoon (mostly red and white trails). The trail was in good shape - mostly dry and frozen, although some of the usually wet spots were wet, and stream crossings were running high. While a lot of the snow has melted off since christmas, a surprising amount still remains on the north facing trails. This snow pack is frozen hard now, but will melt with the predicted 50 degree temps this weekend, which will result in wet trails and probably should be avoided then. However, conditions should be good for riding there tomorrow.

Temp when I stopped riding around 3:00 pm or so was about 24 degrees.
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