Allaire TM Thanks May 18


Well we had yet another great turnout for trail maintenance at Allaire. 18 volunteers gave some love back to nearly ALL the trails on the Campground side of the park. Thanks go out to:
Mike Flatley
Mike Confenti
Tony Caprio
Chris Rogers
Ozzie Alfaro
Jason Kong
Wendy Mancini
Tom Brown
Walter Rebele
Rick Steelman
Amelia Steelman
Iva McDermott
Paul Osbourne
Liz Turrin
Nick Alvino
Liz Sherman
Dean Kiascko

Thank You all,

ps there might even be an additional logstacle or two. ;)


JORBA Board Member/Chapter Leader
I had a good time I did not realize how many trails are on the other side of the road.the crew i was on walked miles clipping all the way with some horse people which was cool.
They knew alot about the trails and how to cut back some of the overbush to make a good trail that still looked good and was good bike and horse alike..

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