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Hey Everyone,

My name is David, and I'm coming to Jersey to visit family. I've live in L.A. and ride regularly and was excited to learn about Allaire, which is about 10 minutes from where my grandmother lives.

Anyone interested in going on some rides this coming week. I'll be in the area from this Monday (the 23rd) through next Monday (the 31st). I plan to rent a bike from the Point Pleasant bike shop (they apparently have a couple of Specialized bikes (I'm guessing FSR XC) they rent out), unless someone has an spare one they're willing to lend me. I'm a capable rider and won't slow you down (I'm used to riding technical mountain singletracks here in SoCal).

Anyways, I have a trail map and could do it myself, but it would be fun to ride with somebody with local knowledge.

I'm also thinking about do a trip up to Huber and Hartshorne in case anyone is interested.

Post your replies here, or send me an P.M. I hope to hear from some of you.

All the best,
Dave R.


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Hey Dave, get in touch with Frank( gt2brew ) here. He does group rides at Allaire like 9 days a week, if anyone can give you the grand tour, it will be him.


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if you want to sample some technical east coast singletrack, c'mon up to mahlon dickerson in morris county. it's about 1 hr 20 min north and a little west of allaire.


Dave, it was awesome meeting, and riding with time we'll try to get ya out while there is still a little light left. Hope your experience here at the "shore" was fun.
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