All notrition on sale at



I've just got its email blast advising that all nutrition is on sale. Some pretty good deals if you want to stock up on goodies for long rides and races.

Go to

Please choose answer A or B below:

I saw that as soon as I'd listed it and thought that you lot would know the difference and it wasn't worth correcting

I used an English accent not unlike that irritating green geico worm. But he pronounces Puma the American way "poo-ma" so I know he's a fraud

Or newly added C:
A new word food with bs marketing claims. Nashbar may have those on sale too.
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i was serious. notrition could describe all the bs marketing claims they put on foods that aren't good for you at all.

but, ahhh, i cheeewwwwsss option b. sure that's my favourite then. green is a lovely colour. :D
"No-trition"- the average American's diet.

At least, based on what I see American high school students consuming and what is advertised on TV.
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