6MR is closed!


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Not really..

But on June 11th we are hosting the first ever (KIDS) race at 6mr.

Look for a trail closure in the 11th on the white trail.

The race start/finish is at the Jacques lane lot.

Basically I would ride somewhere else that weekend.

We do however need volunteers and you can sign up to do so here:



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what time is the actual race on Sunday? Would like to bring my daughter to check it out and volunteer some time sat and/or sun


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i hope this blows up, i would love to see the coverage/pics/videos!

i hear a lot of DID YOU STUDY FOR YOUR FINALS heckles


You've got 11-12 years. Not exactly sure where you cats are, but there's a bunch of teams already surrounding Charlotte.....

Manny already has some videos up on his site...

And Don Madson has been there as well.....

the schwartz

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I'm going to recommend bringing any and all kids to see this event go down. This is literally THE future of mtbing in NJ.

Mark your calendar. Stay and help if you can. Cheer the kids on.

BRAVO for this. I'm hoping to be there with my 4 and 2 year old kids (and their balance bikes) to cheer on the riders, scoot around a little, and enjoy.

Probably can't volunteer as they'll be keeping me busy, but planning to get involved in future seasons. Can't over emphasize my interest and kudos to everyone involved in making this a reality.


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Just a little bump as a reminder that 6mr will be a circus near Jacques and the white trail on Sunday.

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