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Rode yesterday. Conditions were great. Tacky, a little slippery where there were a lot of leaves, not wet, just a few tiny muddy patches and one or two tiny puddles. One thing we did notice is that some erosion seems to have taken place. The roots were higher and some ruts were deeper. The roots were visible under that stump sticking out of the middle of the first "half pipe" on the blue. BTW can we cut that thing out next time we go? I'm always reluctant to do unapproved trail maintenance.

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A little slick this morning with the overnight fog and then it drizzled a bit as I rode. Got really sideways a few times. Not as good as last Sunday by far.


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2nd time at 6MR yesterday. Conditions were great!! Lots of traffic.

Last time I was there was August. Are the jumps at the beginning of Blue new? Forget if I hit those last time.


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Fantastic conditions at Six Mile Run today, and great riding weather too! Get out there before the freeze/thaw starts.


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What's the word? This place get a lot of rain? I may ditch work tomorrow and was thinking of 6MR.


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i have a ladies ride on saturday at six mile... i'm hoping it'll be ok?


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would appreciate a conditions update if someone makes it over to six mile today... grazie!

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