1st snow ride 4 the year


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Rode C.R. with Gary & Ryan trails were nice we had some first track on some trails Demo. the New Specilaized Stumpjumper FSR 29,very fun bike. Hope some of you got out there today was def.fun!
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rode mercer today, in the AM, very nice....fast, not too muddy or slippery. was on the PARK side of the lake.


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rode 6 mile today at 7am, did the creek crossing too, my feet weren't nearly as cold as i was expecting...


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I was at Allaire this am. Shocked that the lot was full at 9am. The cold didn't seemed to keep anyone away. There was just a dusting of snow when I arrived. During the ride it began to snow again then changed to sleet. Nice 2.5 ours of riding for me.
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