1. Jam5377

    Glen Park Enduro

    The Pocono Bike Club brings you the Glen Park Enduro on November 13th 2016! Four stages of flow and features on the Glen's signature terrain! Register today! The Pocono Bike Club gave you the double down super d last November but now they are going full Enduro! 4 stages of flow and features to...
  2. DanBrodeen

    Pocono Bike Club Glen Park Double Down Super D 11/14/2015

    ------Pocono Bike Club Double Down Super D------- The Pocono Bike Club will host a Double Down Super D on Saturday, November 14, 2015. What's a Double Down you say? Its two timed race runs on one of the best Super D courses! The racers times will be combined to see who's both the fastest and...