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    Devinci Atlas RC - small

    Great bike, loved mine had for for years, excellent climber and railed corners with that super short chainstay, wish they still made that model Glws
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    2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Wheelset $300

    Tire Rim size 255/75 -17”
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    2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport Wheelset $300

    Jeep Wrangler Sport wheels, 2017 - includes all 5 wheels... 4 tires approx 35k miles well worn, spare wheel zero miles. All rims plasti dipped not a scratch. $300 pick up only Thanks for looking Tony
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    *SOLD* 2017 Trek Stache 7 19.5

    Pm sent
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    Niner CVA suspension

    --- Yes CVA - the rear wheel stays planted and if you have the legs could climb anything. I rode a Devinci Atlas 29er w/Split Pivot for a few years, had slack HT sub 17" CS and was truly amazing until cracked. Their warranty didn't work out the way I'd expected so I'm back on my older Niner...
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    What are you watching now?

    just finished "SAFE" on Netflix from Author Harlan Coben... Very good 8 episodes
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    Cutting the cord (this again!)

    I ended up getting a HD Antenna "Amazon $13 prime" for basic live NBC CBS etc because it's easy and quick We've been using the DirectTV app for all live stations and all past shows. We had issues one month and they credited us so that's good. Watching Monday Night Football Bears vs Vikings no...
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    What are you watching now?

    Netflix- "Ozark" very good, then just finished "Flaked" was ok Amazon Prime "Hand of God" is on list to watch next
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    2017 Group Ride Series

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    FREE: Honda Odyssey interior stuff

    bump - anyone need Free Weather Tech front mats in Grey Front pair of floor mats (grey) for 2005 - 2009 Odyssey. Great shape (no wear, holes or tears), could use a good scrubbing
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    Cutting the cord (this again!)

    I cut cable a few months back, wish I did it sooner. I was paying $255/mth now I pay $39/mth for just Internet. We use Fire Sticks, for Kodi and Netflix etc. No regrets... I tried the free trials for Hulu and Sling but never subscribed. now to get my $300/mth cellphone bill down would be amazing.
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    Fork recommendation

    Had a Manitou upgraded w/absolute+ damper and it was butter smooth, zero issues and wouldn't hesitate for a future fork. Was the 20mm axle and worked nice for a 200+lb rider. I'm riding a Fox now 15mm axle and rides just as nice. Franky I'm a set and forget type of rider and has many...
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    What are you watching now?

    last few were : The Killing - really awesome The Fall - awesome Broadchurch - awesome Iron Fist - just eh decent River - just eh kinda liked now watching "Life below Zero" - interesting how these ppl live so remote btw, yes I do a lot of commuting so have lots of binge time on my hands
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    2011 Salsa "SOLD"

    it's the "normal" 55cm - 550mm ETT I'm 5'10" bike pictured has 90mm stem also, included are those swappable dropouts for singlespeed use, brand new never used.
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