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    Mahlon Trail Directory

    I‘ve heard stories about why you don’t remember much of that epic ride. I think @Fogerson relived it when I was out in Portland few years ago.
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    Mahlon Trail Directory

    The gun club land is for sale, or at least used to be... Maybe MTBNJ should look to make a purchase?
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    Wanted: original Kuat NV add on

    I have the original Kuat NV bike rack and am looking for the add on. I can only find the add on for The 2.0 rack which is not compatible with my older rack. Anyone have an old add on that is not being used?
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    The Absurd Speculation and Wild Ass Guessing Coronavirus Thread

    Can you do daily deaths too.
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    The Absurd Speculation and Wild Ass Guessing Coronavirus Thread

    Y Yeah, but if you remove the NYC metro area numbers, the national data shows cases rising. NY was hit so hard early on that it dominated the national picture. Fortunately for us those numbers are now decreasing. Unfortunately, they are rising for the rest of the country. We are now over...
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    Raritan 911: Robocop

    Hey @Carson, what sort of trends have you seen over the past month. I imagine traffic incidents are down, what about disorderly conduct, etc? Have certain things decreased? Has anything increased?
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    Canyon Endurace

    Sussex bike shop: 25ish min completely in the wrong direction from everything
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    Summer Camp 2019

    Good job @Robin with the qualifier that I took the pic when the bus was parked. I don’t want to end up on @Carson 911 thread! Also, our two former campers now work at the Marty’s Randolph shop.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Don’t worry, there was some other old salty guy who had enough negativity to cover everyone... I almost had to drop the biking gloves.
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    Summer Camp 2019

    And we do the bbq at a top secret location! Followed by Cliffs ice cream!
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    Summer Camp 2019

    Damn @Robin , I guess I will need to take some pictures. I just never think about it. Crazy animals at Mercer also includes a red fox who ran out in front on one of my campers. The deer are expected there.
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    Moronic Rogue Trail International Dr

    One piece of good news, NJ DEP enforcement was just parked down the street from near Mahlon as three kids were unloading quads a bit further down the street prepping to go out into WMA...
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    Dirt Roads - Sparta Area

    The areas you would be interested in are all in Delaware National Rec Area, and you can combine for some epic rides up into Stokes and High Point.
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    Dirt Roads - Sparta Area

    Dirt Roads, really only two (and neither are destinations) in the immediate ballpark of Sparta unless you get out towards the Delaware River. Your best bet if you want easy dirt would be the rail trail/pipeline 12 mile loop. You can pick it up in Lafayette. Sussex Branch Trail north, bang a...
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