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  • Heidi, Its Christy,Tommy and I are riding on the road this weekend. Its Friday night Feb 6th like 9pm. He live in Highland and Sunday were gonna ride over your way I think. Wanna go? My knee has been giving me some trouble since the cross season ended, so its a slower ride maybe like 2 hrs or less. If ya wanna ride PM me or call me @ 732-425-4810
    Hey Heidi!
    Tommy and I are hoping that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I thought about you yesterday when Tommy and I were at the Kingston Mall. Its an OK mall, Galleria Mall is way better!. Also Tommy and I got engaged on the 21st of December, yep been a whole 2 days lol.
    Hugs, Christina
    Hello My name is Evan Magno okay random question did we meet on a Sunday's IMBA Trail maintenance day at Ringwood state park? "I think we talk about the jigsaw puzzle with rocks LOL? If we havnt it nice to meet you away. peace talk to later peace
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