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    Treadmills, where to start? Looking to buy.

    I have the Peloton tread. I love it but it doesn’t connect to Zwift and it’s also more than $3k
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    December 253rd: Giving Tuesday

    thanks! I’m with Pfizer working on our breast cancer portfolio (a CDKi and a PARPi) Congrats on filing!
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    December 253rd: Giving Tuesday

    Fixed my shoulder so I can use it - cue the skiing, biking, running and lifting again Got a Peloton Tread and took up running 1-3x a week Hired 75% of my team and promoted the other 25% to finally be fully staffed and operational Found a new friend at work who makes me laugh and helps keep...
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    2019-20 ski / snow board season

    We are out in Denver and people are skiing but it’s super windy (per Instagram). I’ve got some old red Atomic AC30s as beater skis for the East. and I got some nice new ones for Jackson Hole last year but I forget what they are because I didn’t ski this past season.
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    What wine are you drinking now?

    I’m all about the Spanish wines since Barcelona. Priorat (red, the white is hard to get)
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    Group Ride Sunday 11/3 at Wildcat

    @MurderBort and I are in unless it’s cold or wet or mercury is in retrograde
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    JORBA fundraiser / Ringwood ride.

    @MurderBort and I will be there
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    The Great October MTBNJ Get-Out-There Competition

    Rounding out the week with a gorgeous ride at Blue Mountain with Mark for 2.5pts
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    The Great October MTBNJ Get-Out-There Competition

    The get out there challenge has turned into the get into the basement challenge for me but Ita making me do stuff Weds - solo 2x20 min treadmill run classes - 1pt Thurs - 30 mins on Zwift for 1pt Fri - 30 mins of...
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    The Great October MTBNJ Get-Out-There Competition

    Saturday - Juliana ride-out event at Mountain Creek with @Robin @chemgirl and @muddybike and many other rad ladies - 2.5 points (I think) Sunday- solo run (1 point)
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    The Great October MTBNJ Get-Out-There Competition

    After flying all day the 1st and having a migraine take me out the 2nd and 3rd I’m jumping in with a friends and family breast cancer charity 70 mile 5h33min road ride for ... 2.5!
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    Next Challenge (understanding Patrick)

    I’m in but I have to spend a little more time understanding the rules. Seeing as today is Wednesday ... this started Monday? Or Tuesday? And how do we get 5 activities for this first week? If started Tuesday?
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    We have lost one of our own.

    I would talk to your doctor (I am not one). Insurance is going to need a reason to do it but if you have a good dialogue with your doctor that should be something they can help with. Here is a blog that’s educational (not medical advice)
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    We have lost one of our own.

    Exactly. Most athlete cardiac deaths are related to electrical conduction. Routine physicals check for cholesterol, arterial blockage, and the typical causes of heart disease. Athletes typically have bradycardia, and usually slightly enlarged hearts but no atherosclerotic heart disease. You need...