Jungle Habitat Conditions


Anywho, Jungle conditions were very good yesterday. Only thing was the really tall grass on dump truck hill but I think that's pretty normal, no?
Oh yeah, and all of the rocks. Rocks were like everywhere... :D


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Any word on the condition of the trail and what your opinion is on a 9am ride Sunday morning? How much rain did you receive this evening? Thanks!☺


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I need to get up this park. Any rides happening anytime soon?
I need to get back up there myself. Haven't been there since before the plane crash. I can probably get out next weekend - could do Friday afternoon (9/21) or Sat/Sun morning. What works for you?


JORBA: Sourlands
That works for me
I have never been, do we meetup at that main gate?
Yes. To get there, just GoogleMap Jungle Habitat and it finds it. Let's pencil it in for 1:00 Friday 9/21 for now and then see what mother nature has in store for next week. Other JH newbies welcome to join for a full tour as well.


JORBA: Sourlands
Weather seems good, now I just have to monitor work. Looks good for now though. See you at 1:00 Friday unless something comes up and i will post here.
Anyone know what the conditions are in jungle right now? I could just drive down the mountain tomorrow and look for myself, but I am trying to find a place to ride the new bike without damaging trails.
I wish I made it to the demo, I had to go suit shopping and then decided to go destroy myself at creek. Nothing like crashing a brand new bike. Builds character imo.