H2H Mooch Madness Pre Ride 4/15


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I can not race due to a big family reunion with parents coming in from Sc that day.But i will be at the pre ride sorry for the late notice.Come ride Glenn!


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Thanks for everyone coming out today, I hope you enjoyed the course. If you have any feed back about course let us know, we'd like to hear from you.

If you missed this one we will be having another ride in May, stay tuned.

@2Julianas group, Steph has the power to glamorize any pic she is in.


Utahs group. I took like 4 shots of these dudes at Schilling rock...I could not get Mills to smile in any of them.


@Mitch, broke out a real bike for this ride...gears and suspension fork!



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Hi Utah, could you enable this in strava to create a gps file, either tcx or gpx? I think you have to make it public. Thanks!
Rod (anyone else), I attached the .gpx file

Just a reminder though that this loop is on private property and the camp is not open to the public. However, we can probably arrange another pre ride tour before the race.