Your 2007 riding goals?


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well, with the new year upon us, it's time to set those goals and hopefully not break them. we all have them, or at the very least consider making them, so what are yours?

i only have one biking related which should help line up my others: ride 2000 miles. that would be about double of what i did this year, but i really didn't commit myself to riding the way i wanted to. like steve, i have had a lot of life changes over the past year all of which really played a role in me not hitting my 1,000 mile goal this past year. not to mention the fact that i really only rode from may to october which didn't help matters any.

it sounds like a lot of miles, but when you break it down by week, it's only 40 or so miles a week, which for me means investing four days of at least 10 road miles and a time commitment of about 40 minutes per ride. when you look at it that way, it's not such a daunting number.

if i can do that, i'll manage to get myself down to around 210 or so and be a much faster, lighter and happier-in-the-woods-where-i-really-like-to-ride jake.

so, what are your goals?
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actually my goals are to do more milage then last year. My goals are a bit different then most. For many people its about getting faster or finishing x in sport class, or making a podium.

Riding to me is more about exercise, weight loss and staying/gettting fit. The only part of it I have become obsessive about is milage for some reason. Maybe because i can watch them click by on the road bike.

I would like to see 5000 miles for 2007 but that is heafty.
I don't track miles anymore. It's all based on TIS (time in saddle) and the other kooky scheme I talked about in Sean's blog way back when.

My biking goals are a little out of sorts right now. With 2 of my events now gone, I'm rearranging things a tad. But I'll throw out what I have...

1. Compete in one of the H2H races this year. This isn't very hard to just compete.

2. Ride in a 6 hour event, of which there were 3 in PA last year as part of the masuperseries. Goal I guess is to just be in the saddle for 6 hours.

3. To do the Dark Horse 40.

4. 10+ laps in the 24 hour Allamuchy race. I think it sounds worse than it is. Of course, when you look at my 5 lap total from last year...

5. To cut an hour from my 50k time. This is a heavy goal. Officially 5:23 so I'm shooting for 4:23. Aggressive, no doubt.

6. To finish the Hillier Than Thou road century in the alloted time of 8 hours. I'm not sure about this since it's apparently a brutal, brutal event. 10,000 vertical feet in 100+ miles. Timing also blows since it's 1-2 weeks before the 50k. So it may not work out in terms of time.

7. Would also like to find a 12 hour race to replace the Allamuchy one that was cancelled and ride for all 12 hours.

8. 400-450 hours in the saddle this year.
I'm not so much into racing as some of y'all. I ride to:
1. keep the stress level in check
2. keep in shape
3. meet new people and
4. have FUN outdoors.

Those are my goals for the year.
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