You TWO owe me 30 mins of sleep!!


El Guac-Oh
yeah, you know who you are :p

You missed 14 miles of wet rocks!!
Awesome ride, I love them wet, moist rocks!!
I had my Rock-A-Mole for breakfast (thanks Frank).
It was the perfect ride for working on bike handling skills ;)

All I can say is: the new trail seems WATERPROOF! Excellent work there.

We got lucky, as it started pouring just as we were putting the bikes on the rack.

Here's a pic for Pixy ;)

Go out there and take a picture with a real camera please. It was stunning!! Bright Orange Glow in the middle of the trail (the white single track section by the lower end of the park.

On a funny note...I was bombing down blue and got way ahead from my bud. So I get off the bike and lay it on the ground. When he finally gets down, I pick up the bike to get on it and the rear wheel FALLS OFF!! Damn!!! I guess it is funny now, but it wouldn't had been funny if the wheel decided to pop out as I was flying down the mountain.

I always check them skewers and I had just checked it at some point on this ride.....well, I guess I better check 'em more often.

Here's the loop.
I am liking this one a lot.


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So what you actually meant to say was:

"Thanks Jeff for making me get my lazy butt out of bed early, allowing me to finish my ride before the downpour hit and earning me brownie points with the wife for being home early."

Your welcome. :D


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Ringwood was AWESOME yesterday. Got out about noon (in the rain), and it did not matter one bit...the trails just weren't muddy. Did a couple hours and some 6 bridges loops, and the sun came out towards the end. Perfect riding weather. Man what a blast makes you feel like a kid to be all wet and muddy like that.


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Sorry Mr. Zoller. 2 of us didn't bail, we just started at the top of Skyline due to time constraints. This was a last minute decision due to my buddies not very happy ex-wife. If I had your # I would have called. Sorry again.

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