Yes again-WVP/Chimney Rock TM SATURDAY 5/22 8.30am


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Team MTBNJ Halter's
So I received the approval for a bunch of work on Blue. The main one being a fairly large reroute on the middle connector. We are starting this Saturday and the reroute will be the main goal. I know this is the 3rd session in a short amount of time but we are on a roll so want to keep the momentum going. So come out if you can.

We are meeting at Newmans at 8.30am to avoid any potential parking issues.

Post up if you can make it so we can plan on having enough tool/refreshments.

So yes tools and drinks/snacks will be provided.

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What a great day. Got so much accomplished. Huge volunteer turnout with everyone willing to do some digging and get dirty. Got a large reroute done including closing the old one, fix a crappy stream crossing, back filled a bunch of normally wet spots and got some trimming done. Haven't ridden the new trail yet but it looked like it was going to roll well. Thanks to everyone that came out to help. A special shout out to Rob and Anthony for helping me communicate with the HT guys, huge help. And a BIG thanks to Rob and Mr Vreeland for sticking with me for the entire 7.5 hr day.
And can't forget to thank Paul and High Tech for sending his guys to help with the heavy lifting. Makes this stuff a lot easier.


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Here is the before and after stream repair


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