XT 780 all $250 (99.9% New)

Johnny Utah

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This would be gone if you had the specs:

Crank length
Spindle length
Cage size (short, mid, long)
Front derailleur clamp and pull
Bottom Bracket size

The majority of people cannot look at this and know what it is.

Otherwise the whole buy is a gamble.


1.DEORE XT Rear Derailleur (long cage)RD-M780.

2.DEORE XT SL-M780 3 x 9 Speed Trigger Shifter.

3.DEORE XT FD-M780 Front Derailleur (Underneath pull) 34.9mm 9 speed.

4.DEORE XT FC-M780 Crankset 42-32-24 175mm Hollow Tech II.

5.Bottom Bracket SM-BB70.
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