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Hudson Valley Girl
It was blustery cold day with strong winds blowing thru out the day. Tommy and I got to the race and got dressed at 10 am with out race going off at 10:15 :cry: The course was fun with quite a few short climbs and swift downhills. The first field off was the Cat 4 men racers, 35+ 3/4 men and the Women 3/4 along with the Women 45+ class. I won the 45+ class going away! I only had to beat two other riders ... myself and I and guess what? I did it! :D Yup I was the only women rider in my class which on this day was a good thing since it was the first time I used road bars in a cross race, I was like a fish outta water, I much prefer my MTB bars. In the field was Fred Brown (ArmyofNone) Jesus he is fast! He lapped me on the 3rd lap and I believe he was in first when he blurred past me. Tommy also was in my race and finished well in 14th place in his group. The tolls to get to Long Island were a whopping $19.00 bucks! To repay to cost of the tolls, I (and Fred) made frequent and repeated visits to the "Red Bull" barrels.
ChuckieChillout raced the 35+ elite class and was riding strong in 10th, he looked real fast. Also today I got to meet and talk with Team Luna's Georgia Gould today, she is very nice, humble and a super fast racer and it was a pleasure talking with her. Tomorrow is another race in Sussex, NJ and hope to see some of you there,

RC ... :)
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