Williams Lake


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What is the deal with Willy Lake? Are all the old trails still rideable/legal these days? Talking about in season; not current conditions.


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IIRC it was on private land and only race weekend riding. I'm sure it's one of those local only riding joints aka south mountain do as I say dont do as I do.


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I know that is how it used to be but wondering if things have changed since the redevelopment. Been spending some time XC skiing in that area and it caused me to think about the status. Anyone in the know?


I went there about 20 years ago, it was as good as anything I have ever ridden. It was under old ownership and while it was supposed to be race only, we went into the main office and asked permission. They said to go ahead. While we were riding in a cold rainstorm, our car battery died. The owners let us use a room to shower and get warm until they found someone with jumper cables for us. Never asked for a dime. I am sure it was different now, but this post brought back memories. And the cave is as cool as anything I have ever seen.
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