White Clay


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DE local says it okay to ride. So hopefully rain hold off

anyone want to meet me there just post up or LMK

I'm not sure what kind of snow they dealt with there, but maybe check with the Trailspinners page on FB before taking the trip - tomorrow should be pretty warm, so if there was a top level of snow melt subsequent freeze-thaw over the past few days, it could be messy.

Also, just be aware that there is a significant portion of the White Clay area (not Middle Run) that is currently closed for construction. If it's all good to go in terms of conditions, Fair Hill might be a better option for this weekend.

Jim & Val

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Hey Manny we were there too! Perfect weather and trails are in great shape
Had late lunch at the Home Grown Cafe in Newark...Awesome vegan food! Perfect ending to a nice day riding with the family


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Nice. Yea weather was unreal! I actually rode from my friends house to the trails and back and on the way back picked up some beers from Iron Hill. I got approx. 4hrs of pedaling. Haven't done something like that in a ages.

Home Grown is good. I went to Grains for brunch today. That was cool. Always good food and beer in Newark.

Going back in a few weeks.
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Paul H

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What's more fun here? FS trail bike or XC HT bike?
Maybe heading down this coming weekend.


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Been using a HT there for a long time, and rigid SS for rides during the last few years. Get there early, the forecast is favorable for it being very crowded.
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