Weekend Happenin's for 21-22 April


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Folks, another action packed weekend of JORBA events, for both Saturday and Sunday. Some of the chapters have posted their events individually already but I thought I'd give you the blunderbust, wide angle view of the weekend.

Saturday's Events: http://www.jorba.org/phpBB2/cal_display.php?cp_day_start=21&cp_mon_start=4

Sunday's Events:

bah, heck with those 2 links above, here's the "week view", which i never noticed before :/


lordy mama, we're busy this weekend.

If there are any problems with the links above, or to see the whole month at a glance, go here: http://www.jorba.org/phpBB2/calendar.php

Oh yeah... and find time to ride!
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