Weekend Conditions 2/20


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Was at Allaire around 1 today and it was in great shape. Most ruts were completely smooothed over and it was only right out of the lot that there was anything frozen. The soil was a bit moist, but not a puddle in sight. Should be the place to be this weekend.



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Saw ur car there while I drove by the lot leaving home on the way to Newark for work. I was jelious. :)


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The former soviet union crew (less one) and a couple of my regular USA homies hit up Allaire at 7AM this Sunday morning (2/22) for a solid 2-2.5 hour ride before the downpour.

It was sandy and rockin'.

The early bird gets the trails peeps.

PS, I was coming off a 7-day vodka and fatty foods induced trip to the homeland, took a bit of the cadence for that.
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Solved the mystery of the missing travel ;) Little air leaked out so my negative pressure > positive pressure so it stole some travel and it was a little too supple so I firmed it up too.

Early birds definitely do get the trail it was tacky as we were leaving and then it started to rain. You snooze you lose! (much to my dismay as I love to snooze)

Long live the motherland! ;)


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I like how this time, I was the one who provided the stylish dismount gymnastics. You don't bail anymore, wtf.

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