USA back in WC DH


Schladming: Aaron Gwin in 8th (2 top tens this year), Luke Strobel in 47th (also with a top ten this year) -- USA is getting better. Podiums to come soon.


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Gwin is incredble. He's been riding DH for only a year, and has already broken the World Cup top 10. Unbelievable raw talent, and he's so young- he's got a decade of racing or more ahead of him if he continues with it.

JD Swanguen is the next Brian Lopes.


What happenned to Duncan Rffle? Thought he had some hope but not so much lately?

Slightly off topic - The gloveless killer "Blekinsop?" winning at the end of the season. I think he's going to come on strong next year even though he's a Kiwi. The run looked pretty sketchy yet he still won - must have been a brutal tricky course. I can't wait for the DVD's to come out this winter.


He beat Sam by 1.6 and Sam had two goofs? Once again Sam is the fastest man on the mountain but can't put it all together. Going into the final Minnaar said something like, "the way Sam rides here, we're all just competing for second." Very cool dude.

Congrats and much respect to Minnaar, but 2 glitches aside this was Sam's season (again). But I guess that's WC DH.

We'll see what Sam can do next year on a Demo :D


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I'm really glad Sam Blenkinsop as Dhsean said (gloveless killer) won Schladming. Yes, I'm a Sam Hill fan for sure, would of loved for him to win but Blenkinsop has an amazing style and gives us younger kids hope in the WC scene, ever since I saw him in Earthed 4 i've always liked watching him; plus kudos for riding with no gloves as well! Jbogner, your tottally right about Aaron, if any of you watch the Yeti Videos from the World Cups, watch the Bromont one and listen to what Aaron has to say about his WC finishes/races. What he says is my new quote for pedal bike racing, really nice dude.
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