US Open May 23-25


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A couple of years ago I went to watch and it was awesome. I want to give DH a try and I was wondering if it's possible to demo bikes and gear to ride for the day. There were a lot of trailers at the bottom but I wasn't paying attention to what they were for.


Diablo does rent bikes - I don't know if you could make a reservation. Last year a friend of mine brought her friend along to rent, and all the bikes were already out (and it was fairly early in the day).


The US Open is a great race to watch. All the big names come out including World Cup riders if there is not a conflict race in Europe and the event has a great vibe. I have raced it the last 4 years and it is a hundred times better than the nationals for the racers as well as the spectators.

The only problem as far as getting a rental and riding is that the lift lines get huge during practice and qualifying and don't thin out till Sunday after the race. It is a great weekend to watch some of the best DH riders in the world but not so great for getting a lot of riding in with a rental.


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Last year I was there on Saturday for the qualifiers and Beechwood bikes had demo bikes. I tried 2 bikes and I don't remember the lines being that long. I did about 6 or 7 runs and the trails weren't that crowded either...I think everybody was practicing on the actual race course.

The demo bike included the it was all GRATIS !!


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The lift lines really weren't bad at all last year, I don't think I was there on Sunday, but I was there Friday, Saturday & Monday and there wasn't really any wait at all.

Looking forward to racing it this year, you tell Sam Hill I'm gunning for him! :getsome:


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I was up there on Sunday last year, and the lifts were fine. Only lines were after the rider meeting when people were trying to get up the hill en masse. One of the guys riding with us was a first-time DH'er, who grabbed a demo from Rocky Mountain that he rode for most of the day. Go early to sniff out the demo bikes. No demo armor or helmets though- you'll have to rent or buy that stuff.
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