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urban assault is the latest addition to my mtb vocabulary. i've seen rides listed in north jersey bike clubs and philly bike clubs. they advertise mtb on city street or the like. but just yesterday i experience my first urban assault.

after rolling the mtb around cape may boardwalk, i tried to gain some serious mtb skills, as i usually don't try anything too technical in the woods.

i spotted the two suspects that were next to my car, and they are actually used to keep cars from pulling too far in to the next parking spot.

yet, i was urban assaulted by parking space curbs. Two of the tete-a-tete.


i bunny-hopped the first curb no problemo, but as the 2nd curb was closer than my bike's length, i immediately experience an endo over the 2nd parking curb

that being said, i expereinced injuries to both lower legs that made walking difficult for greater than 24 hours

Can you bunny hop two of these parking curbs that are about 4 feet apart?
Have you recently been Urban Assaulted whilst on your mtb?

i generally don't like to encourage doing stuff like this, by the urban assault seems to be a growing trend


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urban riding is great.

i used to do a ton of urban riding around new brunswick and the rutgers campuses on my first mountain bike, probably the reason that thing is shrapnel right now. I kinda stopped once i got my 29er and clipless pedals. now whenever i'm dropping flights of stairs, it's on the bmx, damn thing is bomb proof. i'm in the process of building a jump/urban frame, should be fun to toss around the streets and jumps.

lately tho, whenever i hear 'urban assault' all i think about is weaving in and out of traffic on the fixie. It's the only fun way to get an interval level work out in! nothing like blowing by cars on city streets.
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When you get old, the 1st thing to go is your jumping skills.

i'm not so sure about that one... my jumping skills have only gotten better and better each year. depending on what your definition of old is - i'm definitely not 'young', but not old either - i feel like i have plenty of jumping years left!

urban riding is good fun. just like warcricket said, i'll hit new brunswick every once in a whilst. there are even a couple group rides that happen down in new brunswick too, mostly bmx riders, but there are a couple mtb's thrown in the mix sometimes. i have taken my DJ bike down to the train station and the RU campuses, and a couple corporate parks.

whilst i had my SS, i used to take that to ride to RU football games - that was probably the most 'heads up' riding i have done. riding river road when it is slammed in traffic is a good time. the cops directing traffic were usually pretty cool too, normally stopping traffic whilst letting me blow through intersections. cruising through the crowds of drunken people would sometimes be too much tho. the bike was great for RU games - it was red and white, with red tires.
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