Tymor Climbmor Race


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Well the heavens decided to play nice and not downpour today so it was a good race. This was kinda a last minute decision as my bike was being built up yesterday and I was wondering how the weather would turn. Well the bike is solid and the rain held off. It was a sad showing for the day. The number of experts TOTAL was probably 20 or less. The pros and experts went off together and the sports were sent off a minute later(that tells you how many showed). So it was on from the start.

They call it CLIMBMOR so I was sitting back and waiting for the climbs and they came. The start was at the usual place but then we climbed up the hill by the pavilion across the field and right into the climbs. They used the hill (from 2 years ago) to start and the down was just as nice but when you thought it was over the climb from 2007 was linked in immediately following the downhill. It was tough but all manageable. Most rode a good portion and had to walk some as it was slick and snotty.

Once the climbs were done the sweet singletrack on the other side of the road was fun and death defying as usual. Those off camber rocks and log piles wanted to suck you into oblivion but I politely refused and kept all my limbs intact.

Experts had to do 2 big laps and one final lap without all the climbing which was nice. Race time was just over 2 hours and it was fun managing the slickness. In my gigantic field of 2. I finished 1st....Wohoo! I had a good battle going on as the other dood was a road racer trying the mtb thing and had some crazy fitness and would pull away from me on the climbs and then I would reel him in in the slick and techy stuff. We exchanged leads probably 4 times. It was a good day to play outside!!!


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Good to C you out there today Ryan .We sure did earn our climbing merit badge's today .Good training for blue mountin that's for sure.Now to rest & recover =- for blue


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Likewise! It was good to see the hearty souls out there sluggin it out in the hills. I'm looking at a Thursday(Maybe Friday) preride of Blue. Let me know if you're gonna be around.
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