Training for a race tips??

Dave Taylor

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Here is the double edged sword, I can run the 45 year old Cat 3 race, but have to race against guys that are light and fast, Im 225lbs. I think trying to keep the pace of a 155lb guy regardless of age would kill me. Then I could be in a class with a 225lb 20 year old who I also cant keep up with...What to do, what to do...
This course caters to power guys not light weights fwiw. Do normal everyday pace rides until a month before. Then teo days a week do some intervals on a mild hill. 3 sets 5 reps of 1 minute on 30 sec off with 5 min rest in between sets. This is all u need.

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IMO, the cheapest and easiest way to get fast and race ready is to buy a used single speed and ride hills. You will be a beast in a matter of weeks.

The better off dead clip has had me chuckling all afternoon. That was classic


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The best tips I was ever gifted were to remember 2 things:
1. Riding a bicycle is meant to be fun.
2. Racing a bicycle is not always fun.
Learn the Yin and Yang of those 2 statements and you’ll have a fun successful race.
Screw training plans, intervals, high carb low carb diets, rest days, recovery days, power zones, HR monitors and weighing tires. Ride your bike with passion.
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