Trail/race bike?

Dave Taylor

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Dave, You know 100s are not won on the DH they are won on the climbs and transitional stuff where pedaling efficiency is crucial. The DH are about using as little energy as possible, relaxing & picking smooth lines not sending anything. FWIW I’m building a new Epic.

?? Where you moving to??
3 miles from the frederick water shed/gambrill park in maryland


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…who’s gonna tell DT that they move the location of that event every couple of years…
Or that the USAC marathons are usually like 45 miles long.


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For next year I am looking at bikes in the same direction. Recently sold my Pivot Trail 429 to get something lighter. For starters I picked up a used Specialized ht. The 2 bikes on my list are Cannondale Scalpel SE or a Santa Cruz Blur TR.
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