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I live in Denville so considering checking out the Tourne. I get the impression it will be fairly simple single/double track. What do you guys think of it? And are there a lot of people back there hiking and such to watch out for? Thanks.
alot of foot traffic on the weekends especially going up and down the big climb, some horses too. The "tourne" is the namesake of this climb, its only something like 400ft of elevation gain.

its is a good place, consider doing 2 loops one in either direction
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i used to live on the tourne...literally. i could walk out my backyard cut up the hill behind the condos about 100 yards and be in the trails. man, did i take that for granted. anyway...

the tourne is a great little spot that, as mentioned above, does get a decent amount of foot traffic on nice days/weekends. that said, for it's size it offers A LOT. tight single track, rocky climbs, smooth double track and the famed fire road climb to the top of the tourne. with a little creativity and a double back here and there you can get a good 12 or 13 miles out of it.

while it's not a destination park, if you live in denville you'd be foolish not to take advantage of it for a quick pre or post work ride.
The Tourne is great for a quick ride for those days when you're time constrained, and the terrain is good enough to keep it fun. From Denville, you could ride to the park and back, which would make for a great workout.

Plus it is right off Main St in Boonton, so you can ride down to Venturini's Deli or Roma Pizza for a quick food break. No car needed!

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Great little park with a variety of terrain: rolling hardpack, rocky ascents/descents and a few logovers. I live within a 15 minute drive so I used to go there often. It does take getting to know the many smaller trails to be able get the most out of it as the park itself is relatively small. Not real technical but techy enough to have fun with.
You will love Tourne. I ride there alot because its only a 20 min ride from home as opposed to the hour commute I commit to Ringwood. Once you learn it you can put together a sweet 8 mile loop in and out. If your a climber then the ride to the top of the Tourne will get your heart racing. As far as hikers and dog walkers go just give them respect, they usually don't care.