Tourne Question?


Once you climb out on the red trail, come down the switchbacks, crossover and climb and drop to the upper parking lot, is their any other trails up there besides the road and the double wide that brings you to the flower trail. I have dropped in to take the trail back down to the open field that is now closed, but any others?

yes, from the upper parking lot, your best bet is to climb up the fireroad to the top of the tourne and take some of the trails from there. From the upper lot you can also go down the road to your left (west) and you'll come to a trail crossing. Also if you drop down to the lower parking lot by the ball field there are a few trails. Many of these trails got sanatized last year, and the place kind of sucks to ride at now...
That is pretty much what I did. Being that this place in 10min from me, it does what I need it to do with limited time. Hills, rocks, roots, bombs etc... I do see some potential for new trail work, maybe one day we can do something official with this place.
Speak to RyGanley, he's been fronting that effort through JORBA.

I'm 5 min away so if you ever want to ride let me know.
Right On! I would love to get to check out some other local terrain. The only two spots that I have hit up since moving down here is LM and Tourne. All my riding previously to that has been at Stokes, High Point, Aeroflex, Mahlon and Allamuchy.
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