Thursday 7-28-05 6:00pm @ Tourne



Ok i figured since we have this planned we should start a thread in case anyone else is interested. We are planning to hit tourne with the new board member... I know jay and I are down, I am not sure about anyone else yet. The time can vary, looks like nice weather though, the heat wave should break for thursday.
As long as it doesn't rain, I'm there. Let's meet at the lower parking lot accessible from the Boonton side of McCaffrey lane.
can i get some directions to hwere you guys are gonna park?? im coming from bergen county will be headin down 287???


hmmm i am not sure about from 287 south bound, i guess you can take main street in boonton all the way up to where kings is, then make a right,
go past the bank of america on right then entrance is on left..... someone else might wanna give you better directions, i usually come from intervale road but thats only on the northside...

6:30 is fine for me gerard, what about all you guys? what time do you want to meet, we could always swing back to the lot to get someone else later too.
so its it exit 44 or exit 45 off 287 south??? getting conflicting directions

thanks fellas

Mikey_C said:
so its it exit 44 or exit 45 off 287 south??? getting conflicting directions

thanks fellas


Route 287 South to exit 45 / Myrtle Avenue

( Exit 44 / Main Street is if you are heading North on 287 )
I shall be there, mike you finally get to see my bike which is as light as jays for half the price :lol:
sweet! what time you going to be there gerard? I wont be there till 6:30, which i think is better for gerard and smarencik....
great riding last night, but only 1 of 7 could generate a spill. i see why you guys like the tourne so much - 8) .

Anyone up for an EARLY am ride on staurday?
As always, The Tourne delivers! I managed not to fall so that's grounds for a great ride right there. :lol:

Mikey_C, it was great meeting you and finally getting a ride in. :)

RyGanley, glad we ran into you and that little drop was pretty sick. I'm going to have to modify my loop to include that from now on.

Did LJ say he tried to climb that once? :shock:

smarencik said:
Anyone up for an EARLY am ride on staurday?

Are we talking Tourne? I should be down for that. This time I can take you to the top of the Tourne.

i'm waiting to hear back from my wife, but she may need to leave the house around 09:30, so i will have to hit the trails very early....

BTW - how was LJ feling aftr this spill?
Anyone want to ride tonight (friday) ?????

Also i am riding saturday afternoon for anyone who wants to ride later in the day.

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