Thompson Park


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I went to Thompson Park today b/c this guy I know said he "loved it".

I left the park shortly after riding for about one hour on the Reservoir Loop. We high-tailed it over to Huber Woods for some fast loops in the afternoon. Of course we stopped off at the Lighthouse on the way... :)

My question to this forum is: Does anyone actually "like" Thompson Park?


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I used to jog in that park years ago with my then girlfriend; there's really not much there, as I guess you found out first-hand...


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yeah, and what is there is not worth riding. Better off going to Hartshorne/Huber Woods or a little further down the parkway to Allaire.


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I used to run xc races there in high school. I remember the place having a few nasty hills but on a bike im sure it would be different. I havent been there in many years (for me atleast). I think the place would sweet for a cyclocross race...but nothing more.


I recently went to Thompson earlier this week, a lot of roots, and its single track is a little bit messy, but 'ok' if you're just starting.

The Reservoir loops seems like the only loop running, the Marhu(sp) loop seems like it hasn't been touched in months.


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I went there on sunday. Its not bad but its not good. LOTS of roots. Some hills.. Lots of nice bog sections:mad:


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resevior loop is good for x-crountry sking... thats about it. If in the area go to Hartshorne.:popcorn:
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