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and yes, it did
I'm still gobsmacked that you kept after it. That was a monumental effort. The spike-savvy file tread running NECX'ers had themselves a field day, but only 'cause they had that stuff lying around. You ran what you had, made a fist and punched your way through it. Problem was, you made the fist with your head.
I'm thinking this may be a good thing for next year? I mean, just imagine how lazy you'd get if everything went according to plan this weekend? Now you've got a season's worth of agita to fuel you :)
#mixedblessings #theresagermanwordforthis
That hug was the best thing I did all weekend
#saltbae is lit.
I missed this I'm sure, but how come you didn't race on Friday?
So you didn't qualify to race on Sunday? (srs question)
Correct. You need to be ranked in the top 90 of the ProCX rankings on USAC. That's those top 20's points awarded at UCI events. My one lone ProCX point had me sitting at 194th last time I looked.

You can petition to get in as my homie Tim did. I think he was around ~115th on the boards and started in the last spot of the grid, number 42.

I was surprised with how small the field was and hindsight should have emailed USAC, at worst they would have said no, but had they said yes it would have been a pretty cool experience.
offffffff season!

First off season in 23 months of riding. Hard to believe if basically been non stop since January 2015.

Thus far I've been having a pretty spectacular time not riding my bike. Finally completed my workbench, finished painting my room, hiked breakneck, and met my old friend IPA. What a life!

I snuck a ride in last Saturday and smiled for 2 hours. Pedaled pretty whatever the whole time and rode along care free, what a life!

If I can drag my ass out of bed tomorrow I'd like to commute to work.

Impressively my appetite died down pretty fast, I may have actually lost some of that holiday weight already.

I put a solid 45 minutes into a season wrap but wasn't ready yet and scrapped it. Soon enough I'll close this up. Hecklecation may see some action soon.
2016 Season Wrap Up

I had written something a couple weeks ago but it was too soon and I didn’t like it. I’m going to keep this kinda brief, if that’s possible.

This whole year was pretty insane. 100% rad, balls to the wall, full on gnar dope. Yuh.

Structured training started March 1st with Cycle-smart as part of the KÜDÜ Collective team program. A solid base block got me ready for the Pisgah Stage Race with @Consult_Ant. A few more XC races, much more saddle time, a trip to Alaska then the full on CX push started in mid July.

My first race of the season was at Riverfront Part in Hartford, CT on September 11th it was a small local field with a few ringers in the mix. The day was brutally hot, and the course intensely fast. Fast forward and I wrapped my season up at the same place. January 7th at Riverfront Park in Hartford, CT. A vastly different course in 18 degree weather racing snow covered frozen ruts surrounded by professional talent along with some very fast AMs. The name of the game was bike driving where in September it was POWER. There is something about bookending this epic season in the same place close to 4 months apart that I really, really like. Especially contrasting these two photos, even if the January one is technically Tuesday at the non-champ race.



In between these two races a lot went down. My season was a few races shorter than normal at 22, including both natz races.

My season high was finishing 20th at HPCX. It was really an amazing day for me. The MTBNJ tent party was LIT, almost as lit as my legs that day. I’m sitting here recalling the feeling of my legs and they were HOT. I was pushing to unfamiliar places and they were responding the whole way through. I think that was the only race I actually raced my way forward, if I recall correctly. That single ProCX point was something I didn’t think I had in me this year and I’m very proud to have earned it.

Other highs include only being lapped and pulled in 2 of 13 UCI races. The first at KMC crushed me a little, and then I didn’t even have a chance at Supercross, even if I had the right tires at the start. Both times actually crushed me pretty bad, but not into the ground. I felt pissed off enough to just want it more each time.

My favorite anecdote of the season was Gloucester Day 1. I was racing REALLY strong, switching positions a few times with Matt as we moved up/held our ground in the mid 20’s at Gloucester. Then I crashed, twisted my shifter, pitted twice, blew myself up fighting back too hard and finished 45. Coming around for bell lap I could hear the announcer calling out where Curtis White was “HE’S COMING BY THE ROCK!” and I think, “Wait.. I just came by the rock…” I look over my shoulder and see him two turns back. I don’t think he’ll catch me but I assume I’m going to get pulled. I hit the S/F stretch and the USAC official down there yells at me “YOU BETTER PEDAL HARDER.” HOLY SHIT I WAS STILL IN THE RACE. I came through the S/F seconds ahead of White with huge crowds on both sides and a line of photographers. My friends said “Yeah dude! It was nuts! Everyone was running to the finish and we were all going the other way back to the beer garden!!” My last time through may have been the loudest time through, my posse was deeeeep that day! Lead lap at 1:08:57.

Even more Local stoke in the money 4th at Town Hall, 3rd at Marty’s 1/2/3, 1st at Marty’s SS.

I don’t think I can truly describe how incredibly grateful I am for the opportunity I had with the KÜDÜ Collective this past season. Matt put together a solid squad with some incredible partners. Shout outs to Kindhuman for the rocketship bikes, Pactimo for some really nice threads and my favorite chamois to date, Cycle-Smart for helping me realize more of my potential, Vittoria for the traction assistance, Mad Alchemy for keeping my legs happy even when I was ready to vom before the starts, Giro, and Ritchey. The brand dropping makes me feel a little weird but all of these companies, brands and people have been incredibly generous, kind and supportive this past year.

I was just off the bike for 3 weeks. I fought it at first then fully slunk into the off season in a pretty glorious fashion. I didn’t realize how much tension and stress I was carrying until about 4 days in when I actually felt it slip off my shoulders. I got back on the bike this past weekend and woooweeee did I tucker myself out! Goals as of the coming two weeks are get some fitness back for a Liberty Gap ride with some of the Marty’s crew in a couple weeks. Plan is split the ride into two days. Should be fun, already stoked! Looking forward I have another full CX season slated, possibly a little bit of road racing, a few XC and hopefully a bit of short track too! 2017 gonna be LITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

I’ll pick this up over at the Heckle-cation thread. Thanks for reading, see you in July.

*moth balls*

2016 race index finally updated.




That moment when you realize you tryina race CX in 2 montsh and 1 week.




I'm back from a couple weeks in the pacific northwest and getting back into my training! I went from flying to March fitness in that time, but such is life. It'll be a slow September.

Team announcement and kit drop
Without too much surprise, I'm sure, I'm please to announce my return to LDBCX this season. I'm back with the gang and and adopted @rsinger814 into our crew.

Design was a minor update of the old one. We like the gold sleeves and wanna keep them. Chest bar for a classic look, and a rip off Louis pattern b/c we Gucci AF. Louis AF? Really stoked on the wide stripe vest design. Shout out to Drew Gonyer for the design. Drew worked at Laughing Dog before getting his current job at VOMax as a designer.
LDBCX_proof_3 (1).gif

I also have a new race bike in the works that should be pretty special. Very excited, more on that later!!
I think I am happy to see this. I have often said that you are more mature than your years (and big f'ing mouth) lead you to believe. This move supports that.

Spend time with the people you like to spend time with. Good job adding Ryan but you know he's a Pennsyltuckian now, so he's gonna start talking with a southern drawl any day now.
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