THE Flight integrated bar stem?

the road world has been screwing around with this for a couple of years . I have see road versions but I am not convinced.
You are stuck with what you get for a big price tag. at least with seperates you can customise your set up a bit. different stem length with different bars, sweep, rise ect.
IMOP I dont like to be locked into one thing.
Pricey, but you can't deny it'll be sturdy, and 270-300 grams for both a stem and bar is killer. My Thomson stem is 200g alone.
I cant justify the cost, but I happen to stumble upon a Flight for $200 - new; but I've already purchased carbon bars. Here's my math:

Flight : 270-300, usually heavier than stated.


(Bars: ~ 170) + (stem: ~ 200 ) = 370

at 70 grams thats less than .25 of a pound.:hmmm:
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