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Don't know how many people are in my hood or that are on the site that actively ride this, but figured I'd put it out there.

From where the new trail head starts in Roxbury to the bottom of Pleasant Hill Rd. in Chester, there are no less than five trees down across the trail. All of them with the exception of the one closest to Chester are fairly easy to get around.


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Is there anything good and can it be linked to the Randolph Trail system?
It's really a rail trail, it links to several parks if you know how to be creative, and is part of patriot's path, so it links to horseshoe lake, which can link to Dickerson Mine area, links to Randolph Trails which can in turn link to Lewis Morris, and it links to Columbia Trail, which can link to Schooleys Mtn as well as Highbridge to link with that whole trail system.

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