Thank you Trail Volunteers!!!


JORBA: Morris Trails
Trail riders and hikers, our 2007 Trail Maintenance season for Morris Trails Partnership has come to a close (reminder that there is NO trail maintenance scheduled for this weekend at Lewis Morris). Our Trail Maintenance season kicks off again in April of 2008.

On behalf of the Morris Trails Partnership, Morris County Parks Commission, and JORBA, I'd like to thank you for another incredible season of trail building and maintenance.* Among our accomplishments this year are:

1) 330 hours of volunteer work at Lewis Morris building new trails and closing unsustainable sections.
2) 180 hours of volunteer work at Pyramid Mountain building new trails and installing bridges
3) Extensive dialogue with and advisory services to*our partners at South Mountain Conservancy and Essex County Parks toward establishing a bike-supportive trails plan and related trail building program.
4) Commenced trail maintenance days at Tourne County Park to re-routing certain trails
5) Worked with Adopt-a-trail volunteers at Mahlon Dickerson to plan, flag and approve re-routed trail sections at Mahlon Dickerson. Work on these will begin in 2008.
6) Held two night bike rides at Mahlon Dickerson and Lewis Morris
7) Completed a series of hikes along the historic Morris Canal

Next year will see continued activity in all these parks. As our volunteer base grows, we also hope to begin work at Schooley's Mountain, and*help the town of Randolph with their trails network.* If you haven't had the opportunity this year to join us, please do so next year. In addition, please spread the word; we can always use more volunteers!

Over the winter, we will be revamping our website to make it easier and more current. We hope you'll visit us there, too, *for information on our various activities and our calendar of events.

Thanks again, everyone, and happy trails.

Greg Murray
President, Morris Trails Partnership
JORBA Morris County
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